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Vote Yes! - Developer Impact Fees for High Growth School Districts

Dear Members of the Senate Finance Committee,

  As a resident of Forsyth County, I have personally witnessed explosive growth without adequate infrastructure. Our roads are clogged, our schools are bursting at the seams and despite the fact that we have approved bond after bond and SPLOST after SPLOST, our county has literally been unable to keep up with the growth. This is not fair to the taxpayers of this county. It is not fair to the teachers of this county. It is not fair to the students of this county. Developers should be paying their fair share to fund the infrastructure need to support this type of growth.

Impact fees are the cost of doing business. The taxpayers are not buying the “it’s a new tax” argument.  
Will you listen to the taxpayers? Or will your allegiance stay with the lobbyists?

Please vote "yes" on SB344 and SR624


Georgia Taxpayer