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A Letter from Kristen Stevens, FHOA & Matt Broms, Fix Forsyth Traffic

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Commissioner Tam, 

The coalition members have spent many hours conversing about whether we should promote, fight or stay neutral over the transportation bond. The thing we keep coming back to is how we got into this predicament in the first place, and what safeguards have been put in place to keep us from ending up right back here in a few years. Considering your long tenure on the BOC, we feel you are the most culpable for the path that got us here. Now you are asking us to tax ourselves out of the mess that was greatly created by the policies that were set by, or ignored by our county officials.

Emails and Facebook posts have been flying around about the mailer that just came out in support of the bond. One major issue is the “unnamed” corporations that funded it. The other issue is the numerous inaccuracies and misleading statements. Once again proof that our leaders are not trustworthy. We, of course, will now have to reach out to the public to correct this misinformation via newsletters, Facebook posts and letters to the editor. This, because we cannot in good conscience let the general public be “Pinicchioed”…

That being said, we are willing to support the bond if you are willing to commit to the following things in writing. 

1.You will vote for no new zoning categories with average lot sizes under 19,500 square feet and/or green space requirements under 15% in ANY part of the county.

2.You will not vote for any MPD’s or other zonings with variances throwing out any commercial.

3.You will pledge to raise impact fees across the board to cover actual impact.

4.You will bring to a vote the limit of zonings to 400 units per year, per district. 

5.Moratorium until above items are done TO STOP THE RUSH OF ZONING APPLICATIONS.

If you are not able to support in writing, the items above, we will not be able to support the bond. That will in turn necessitate an explanation to the public the reasons for our decision. Further, if you are not willing to support these reasonable requests to help secure the future health of Forsyth, you will have demonstrated you are the developers commissioner, and we will be forced to oppose any future political aspirations you might have.

We look forward to your reply.

Kristen Stevens and Matthew Broms