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A Letter from Political Commentator Bill Evelyn

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I fear the Bond will pass because so many of our neighbors and brethren are uninformed.  The language on the ballot will crafted as the government is coming to the rescue for their traffic woes, when in fact it is you coming to the rescue with your good faith and credit to bail-out the government. The uninformed voter will read the ballot with excitement that their quality of life might just get better.  Bottom-line: Is there enough money to do what they claim? NO.

This Transportation Bond is just debt that will not achieve what the government tells you it will achieve. Wasteful debt.  The projects on the list will not be completed, because they are counting on federal and state dollars.   All Federal Highway Funds go to the DOT to be used to maintain and repair I-95, I-85, I-75, I-285 and all those federal highways. We only get back 80% of what we send to Mordor on the Potomac to be laundered by the crime families up there. So the DOT is not going to spend money on our little problems. What about state money?

The state collects money from fuel tax for roads, but it only gives back a percentage based on the number of state and local road miles in your county. That means Forsyth gets just over $1.0M, because we are a tiny fraction .02% of the total roads in the state. Plus they are spending millions, maybe hundreds of millions widening GA-20 from Peachtree Industrial Blvd to GA 400. That leaves county dollars.

The Bond serves United Community Bank well. They most likely will subscribe the majority, if not all of this debt. This is high quality debt since it is backed by the full faith and credit of your family. Notice the County would never allow average citizens on the hook for the principal and interest payments to get in on the gig. Maybe Emory Lipscomb (local real estate law firm) and some special guys will get in on the action. A Bond brokerage underwrites, prints, and offers to sell the Bonds. They make a commission. If they can get one entity to subscribe to the entire $200M it is easier on them. 

I will vote NO on the Bond in keeping with the wishes of the decent activists in the county. But be aware that the Commissioners, especially Brian Tam will spin this to their advantage and we must call them on their lies. Remember how Tam spun the SPLOST VII debate?

I want to take a moment to address Brian Tam. You had the opportunity to get rid of him two years ago. You didn't. The man does NOT care about you, he cares about himself. He will do everything he is told to do by the Cumming cartel, even if it destroys your quality of life. Anything that man utters should be ignored and he must be defeated next time around and kept from public office ever again. I believe he was the chosen one to step into office after Murphy. That has fallen asunder with the primary election of Michael Williams. I already know the Cumming Cartel is scheming to hurt Michael's reputation in your eyes. Michael's 2016 election will be even more difficult than 2014, because he will have a record. People will pick and choose from a record, not because they believe in him. I believe the Cumming Cartel, Tam, and Casey Cagle, and David Shafer are in cahoots to do everything possible to ruin Michael's re-election chances, but being the incumbent is powerful.
None of these people care about you. You are on your own with the activists and your neighbors. Unless enough of you challenge the Cumming cartel you will continue to be ripped-off.