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Should I Vote for the Transportation Bond?

FIX THE ROADS – SHORTEN YOUR COMMUTE TIME! Sounds great, right? You would think an organization called Fix Forsyth Traffic would be thrilled, right? Sure… until you get the facts behind the proposed $200,000,000 transportation bond.  

We have one question for you: Why fix gridlocked roads, crowded schools, and an increasingly over-crowded county infrastructure with added taxes from homeowners, when the Board of Commissioners and Board of Education will not correct the causes of these problems?

Is this bond the only option? – A bond can be reintroduced at any time. This time with community input. There are also other options for funding road improvements. Let’s get this right the first time.  

Get the Facts Before You Vote!
1. This new bond expands taxpayer’s total debt to around $15,000 per Forsyth household. We are bonding ourselves into $1 Billion in debt. This is a tax hike by another name. But the biggest problem is the bond we just approved for schools, plus the new one for roads will barely begin to dig us out of the hole the Forsyth County Commissioners have shoved us in with their bad policies and refusal to implement some common sense changes.

2. Our Commissioners have been supporting the local developer/large land-owner machine & rapid development/high density model, while ignoring the negative impacts on the existing homeowners.

The bond project list was designed, approved and is to be implemented by pro-High Density Commissioners we cannot trust. Our County Commissioners continue to approve developments that do not follow the Forsyth County Land Use Map nor do they follow the Unified Development Code. And in fact, we have commissioners who worked hand in hand with an organization that represents developers and with  their lawyers in order to lessen the standards of our Unified Development Code.  

3. Our Commissioners are allowing developers to pay impact/permit fees 50 to 60 % lower than adjacent counties, and then they are taxing existing citizens to pay for infrastructure required by the developments' new residents.

The county charges developers insufficient impact fees for roads, and NONE at ALL for SCHOOLS. (Remember that $195,000,000 school bond we just voted for a few months ago?) Because of this, we are being saddled with the cost of building new infrastructure over and over again. Our Commissioners know this is a huge problem, but are happy to let it continue. We believe they represent the developers rather than the taxpayers. In our opinion, at least three of our commissioners have conflicts of interest by serving on the board.  

4. The bond proposal has no start or project completion dates listed. We believe some of these will not get done at all.

5. The bond proposal was pushed onto ballot at the last minute without any homeowner input. To Date ZERO town halls have been held to answer questions or allow input.

6. Unknown Corporations are funding misleading flyers promoting the bond.

Find out more by reading the letters below that outline the problems with the proposed bond: