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A Letter from Tony DeMaria - Forsyth Citizens for Responsible Growth

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The Homeowners Coalition and thousands of Forsyth homeowners, ask one simple question about the $200,000,000 proposed road improvement plan and bond:

Why fix gridlocked roads, crowded schools, and an increasingly over-crowded county infrastructure with added taxes from homeowners, 
We ask the thousands of citizens to understand the problem and to vote NO until officials commit to correcting the root causes of these problems:

•  Ignoring the Unified Development Code and the Land Use Plan

•  Allowing rampant growth from excessive rezonings and high residential densities,  

•  Allowing developers to pay impact/permit fees 50 to 60 % lower than adjacent counties, and then taxing existing citizens to pay for infrastructure required by the development's new residents.

• Supporting the local developer/large land-owner machine & rapid development/high density model while ignoring the negative impacts on the existing homeowners.

The Homeowners Coalition has urged the BOC 4 times in the last 13 months to moderate growth including balanced development including one and two unit per acre districts, more green space, fewer rezonings per year to keep the rural character of the County which attracts homebuyers, zoning transparency, and again, proper financial policies. Conditions to correct the causes of crowded roads, schools, etc., and to improve citizen trust of the officials were requested.

With the exception of restoring the Res 3 lot size, the BOC has ignored all other Coalition requests and continues to support massive developments including the most recent 696 unit development on Bethelview Road, with a variance that negates the UDC.

The Coalition and thousands of homeowners simply do not trust that the officials, the $200 million bond and proposed added citizen taxes to resolve the rapid-growth/high density model. The BOC should accept the Homeowner’s Coalition conditions to moderate and balance all future growth.

THE GOOD NEWS: If homeowners vote NO to the Transportation Bond, two BOC members have indicated their willingness to introduce a similar Transportation Bond and Plan with the conditions requested by the Homeowner’s Coalition to moderate & balance growth.

The Homeowner’s Coalition stands ready to work with officials to correct Forsyth problems and to create an environment that allows all to work for the same goals.