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A Letter from Matthew Broms - Fix Forsyth Traffic

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Commissioner Tam,

As a follow up to our conversation today and per your request, I would like to officially ask that the Transportation Bond be removed from the November Ballot. I know this may not technically be able to happen, but given the recent action of the Board of Commissioners, I can no longer advocate placing trust in this Board. The Board has proven it has no regard for our Comprehensive Development Plan and believes in development at all costs.

While you claim this Transportation Bond is needed to attract commercial development, that claim rings hollow. You voted for variances to remove not just some, but absolutely ALL of the commercial development from the largest zoning you have ever voted for, have voted numerous times to rezone existing Commercial to Residential along a 4 lane state highway, and have played political games with votes on our zoning categories so you could one up another commissioner and point to what you motioned for and got passed when in reality you were simply conforming to the outcry of citizens. If you wanted to promote commercial, you have had plenty of opportunity to do so and have refused.

We can no longer trust you or this board and without trust, we certainly cannot advocate placing you and your fellow Commissioners in charge of a quarter billion dollar infrastructure expansion. This may mean we suffer longer on our roads, but we do so only because of your poor decisions and refusal to implement common sense zoning principles. For almost 12 months now you have ignored every request by the Homeowner Coalition in the Pledge for Balanced Growth. You do not believe in balanced growth and we cannot trust that this bond is not a trojan horse for more residential development.

When you are ready to work with us citizens and address the problem and not just the symptom, we will be happy to revisit the notion of the transportation bond. We'd like to work towards a solution with meaningful and lasting impact that we could all get behind. Your willingness to disregard our need for tangible solutions and gamble on this passing without our support is sad and only validates our reason to oppose.

If this bond passes, the County will have accumulated nearly a BILLION dollars in debt during your tenure on the Board. We, the homeowners, are picking up the tab for the uncontrolled growth and enough is enough. Along with the Tea Party and others in our coalition, Fix Forsyth Traffic will be officially opposing this bond and any future efforts at debt expansion until the Board of Commissioners present a plan to address the problem of uncontrolled growth that continually puts us in this situation. With or without you, this status quo must change.

Matthew Broms
Fix Forsyth Traffic